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All include salad bar, garlic bread, choice of pit baked beans, ranch fries or red beans and rice.

Pork Spareribs
Year after year rated Madison’s best, Fat Jacks Original Recipe Ribs are slow roasted over Wisconsin Hickory, basted with a citrus glaze and charbroiled. Served in:

1/3 rack $12.95                                       

1/2 rack $14.95

full rack $20.95


Pork Back Ribs
Some people call these baby back, but the taste is so big we call it Tennessee Style Back Ribs...slow roasted in our pit oven and smothered in a sweet, tangy barbeque sauce. Served in:

1/3 rack $13.95    

1/2 rack $15.95

Full rack $22.95    


Pork Dinner
Fresh pork butts slow roasted in our pit oven and sliced thin. $12.95


Half Chicken Dinner
Delicately smoked, basted and charbroiled. $12.75

Beef Dinner
We use special seasoning and 12 hours of slow roasting to create tender slices of top butt. $13.95

Build Your Own BBQ Combo
Undecided??? Choose from any or all of our hickory smoked specialties and create your own sampler platter. $19.95