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All include garlic bread, choice of 2 sides

Pork Spareribs
Year after year rated Madison’s best, Fat Jacks Original Recipe Ribs are slow roasted over Wisconsin Hickory, basted with a citrus glaze and charbroiled. Served in:

1/3 rack $12.95                                       

1/2 rack $14.95

full rack $20.95

Pork Back Ribs
Some people call these baby back, but the taste is so big we call it Tennessee Style Back Ribs...slow roasted in our pit oven and smothered in a sweet, tangy barbeque sauce. Served in:

1/3 rack $13.95    

1/2 rack $15.95

Full rack $22.95    

Pork Dinner
Fresh pork butts slow roasted in our pit oven and sliced thin. $12.95

3-Piece Chicken Dinner  $10.75

Half Chicken Dinner
Delicately smoked, basted and charbroiled. $12.75

Beef Dinner
We use special seasoning and 12 hours of slow roasting to create tender slices of top butt. $13.95

Build Your Own BBQ Combo
Undecided??? Choose from any or all of our hickory smoked specialties and create your own sampler platter. $19.95

Sides:  Baked Beans     Wedge Fries    Potato Salad    Cole Slaw    Mac-n-Cheese    Red Beans & Rice        Extra piece of garlic bread