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Nightly Specials

Tuesday & Thursday

All You Can Eat Rib & Chicken Combo
Hickory smoked chicken and pork spareribs, our two signature items. Served with cole slaw, garlic bread, pit baked beans and ranch fries. $13.95  Please, no doggie bags and no sharing.


All You Can Eat Pork Spareribs
Our special ribs are slow roasted over Wisconsin Hickory, basted with a citrus glaze and charbroiled to perfection. Served with cole slaw, ranch fries, pit baked beans and garlic bread. Please, no doggie bags or sharing. $14.95



Fat Jack’s Special Recipe Cod
Lightly battered and deep fried. Served with our famous cole slaw, garlic bread, and pit baked beans or ranch fries. $12.50

Cajun Catfish
Lightly spiced, deep fried. Served with garlic bread, cole slaw, red beans and rice and hushpuppies. $12.50

Barbeque Shrimp
Grilled and basted with a sweet, tangy barbeque sauce. Served on a bed of red beans and rice with garlic bread. Salad bar included. $14.95


Full Rack Tennessee Back Ribs
Accompanied by garlic bread, cole slaw and your choice of beans or ranch fries. $20.95


All You Can Eat BBQ Chicken
One-half chicken lightly smoked in our pit oven, glazed and finished off over the charbroiler. Served with cole slaw, garlic bread, ranch fries and pit baked beans. Please, no doggie bags or sharing. $10.95